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Topic: Happy Birthday Rick and thank-you

I saw Stacie's post about your birthday but couldn't reply on that thread
I have been coming to this site since my husband was diagnosed in Nov 05 and it proved a tremendous support to me during all the time of his illness. It's a great achievment and I would like to thank both Rick and Stacie for their efforts and the comfort they have brought to so many people suffering from CC.

Happy birthday Rick!


Re: Happy Birthday Rick and thank-you

Here, here!  (Is that how you spell it in this case?  Can't be 'hear, hear')

Regardless of the spelling Thank you Rick, and your whole family, who have done so much in Marks honor by creating this board and the foundation. 

You contribution, and the enormous time you must put into this, are very much appreciated.

Thank you and Happy Birthday Rick


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Re: Happy Birthday Rick and thank-you

Happy Birthday Rick!  Thanks so much for your work on this site.  It's nice to be able to openingly discuss and share.  I just turned over another year January 7th. Shooting for January, 2008 now.  Thanks again for your super support. I hope what you give will return double fold!

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