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I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself. I had a bad case of psedo-hepatitis just before Christmas. I say pseudo becase I did not have viral hepatitis, rather my Bile Duct was constricted by a "stone" and so I was jaundiced. After two ERCPs, I was sent to a surgeon. It was determined that I had a tumor blocking my Bile Duct. I went in for surgery and had a Whipple Procedure at the University of Pennsylvania a month ago. Lo and behold, I had a 2cm tumor that was cancerous. Pathology determined the cancer did go into the Gall Bladder but that was it, I was Stage IIA. All the lymph nodes and margins were clean. Thank God, supposedly they got all the cancer. So here I am wondering what the heck happened over the last 6 weeks. Whew!

I still have my drainage bags but will have them removed this Friday. During my last appointment my surgeon said I will be doing both Radiation and Chemo in another 6 weeks or so, as a prophylactic measure. I'm wondering what that will be like.

My Whipple went really well (knock on wood). I did everything I was told to do. I was out of the hospital in 7 days. (Don't tell anyone, but I drove myself home from the surgery!) I've made good progress. I have been doing easy farm chores and am eating pretty much whatever I want. I have really cut down my food intake and take Creon so my digestion is working OK.

This whole Cholangiocarcinoma thing is like a dream. I can't believe this has/is happening. I have so many questions so I'll be lurking around the site to maybe find some answers. Of course the biggest is "How long do I have to live?". It seems from reading if I get 5 years I'm lucky...this stinks. I want 40!

I look forward to participating at this site. The many stories I've read here are touching. As a fellow traveler on this road, I wish you the best in your struggles. I hope you find what you need.

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Hi there!  I'm glad you were able to have your surgery.  The drainage bag is a pain, isn't it!

We have our own Teddy here on this site who had a Whipple and is now cancer-free.  I hope that you will be able to join him as a success story.  Stick around, ask questions, and welcome to the club!

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Welcome RUSYN to the best little club in the world that no one wishes to join.
My husband had a Whipple 3 1/2 years ago at the age of 73. He actually had 2, the first one was aborted after 4 hours. His cancer was contained in the bile duct valve. You can see it all under Lainy. It is a tough road but sounds like you are doing very, very well. CC is a monster with a mind of its own. They did not give Teddy chemo as they said it would not cure it and would not give him quality of life. But I know there are others on this site who have had it after a Whipple. We don't have any regrets. We know nothing for sure about CC only that it does return. Now, Teddy sees his Oncologist every other month with LABs every month. One has to keep vigilant. It did return in April where his duodenum used to be and pushed his right ureter closed so that is also a problem. However, we got the cancer OUT with cyber knife in December. First he had to have radiation. All is good right now. You have come to the right place for questions or just plain old venting. Continued good luck to you. Please keep us posted and jump in at any time!


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Hi Rusyn157---- Welcome to the site and absorb all you can.  Using the custom google search top right corner of page, will get you a lot of specific information particular of members from this site.  As you'll see many different senerios will arise.  If there is one thing for sure, we have learned predicting how much time we all have left, is so individual.  Proactive and positive attitude plays a very important role in fighting this relentless disease.  I must say you sound very proactive and really sounds like a remarkable recovery time from a whipple surgery.  Some have severe difficulties.  Again , welcome and look forward to your participation.

God Bless,
Jeff G.

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Rusyn...It is wonderful hearing about your successful whipple procedure and your quick recovery.  And, I won