Topic: has anyone had met. to other parts of body afer c.c opt.

my husband had cc opt. in feb.2006 had rad&chemo then we found out it met. to the liver and old site. What can we except know
thanks < agnes

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Re: has anyone had met. to other parts of body afer c.c opt.

Agnes:  My experience would suggest trying a different type of chemo regimen. Due to the fact it has mets tells me it is systemic.  I know you probally have heard this before, but different chemo regimens work differently on individuals with cc.  I would discuss the options with your Oncologist.  I have had operation, 3 different regimens of chemo and 3 weeks of 3D radiation on my liver.  I am about to begin a 4th regimen of chemo (Oxaliplatin and xeloda tablets).  One thing I have come to understand when my cancer returned and mets and is still lingering, is it's not my fault and it's not because I'm not being positive or trying hard enough.  It is the CC and it has to be confused with different treatments; chemo, relaxation, diet.  Also , as best as possible keep the anxiety and stress levels low.  Consider prescription anxiety and sleep aids.  In my opinon cc strives on the adrenaline created from stress and anxiety as well as causing your other body organs to go haywire. 
Tell your husband to keep his chin up and consider discussing another chemo combination with Oncologist.  Many times I have thought about just let nature take it's course, but I'm just to darn stubborn I guess. 

      P.S.  Agnes, March, 2007 will be 8 years since first diagnosed THERE IS HOPE!

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Re: has anyone had met. to other parts of body afer c.c opt.

ty you Jeff G 'Good luck and bless you


Re: has anyone had met. to other parts of body afer c.c opt.

In my case, about a year after the liver resection, tumors metastized back to the remaining half of the liver, and, at that time, I was told no more operations could be done.  So in subsequent years I've been on 5 clinical trial chemo programs, some which worked for awhile and some which did not work, and 2 surgical procedures -- with the most recent being insertion (in November) through a catheter of radiation beads into the liver -- which stablized tumor growth as seen in a CT scan in December.

The most encouraging thing is that during the time I've had CC new treatments have continually become available.

Jeff G mentions stress and anxiety -- which is my middle name -- long before I had CC.  So I deal with that the best I can, but I guess it's just my nature.  I'm too impatient to sit around a lot, and I am able to get involved in new and exciting projects which are very stressful but frequently in a positive way, and they also keep my mind off my medical concerns.

Good luck and keep a positive attitude.

Jerry Daniels
Platteville, WI