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I lost my husband Ken on 12/27/06 and I have been doing alot of searching on the internet re:grief support groups.  I think it would be great if there was such a topic on this website for family of patients with CC.

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I would love such a support group, also - I think it's a great idea. I'm losing my mother and it's tearing me apart and I know it will only get worse when she's gone. The whole world is going about its business and it seems there is no one but me and my sister who is aware that the world has ended.

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Good idea. I lost my husband May 2006 and even though I have the wonderful support of my children and good friends, there is still a sense of loss and grief that noone can understand, who hasn't been through it. 

I find it strange that even after all this time I still visit this website on a daily basis. I don't understand why. I read of the death of Mark and I am crying just thinking of it - even though I never knew him. I guess this terrible illnes and the rarity and severity of it, means that we are in some way bound together by it.


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Thank you for the suggestion.  This is something we have discussed as a family and in the next couple of weeks will look at the best way to make this a reality. 


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It is a very good idea , I like you Patricia find myself looking at the site frequently despite Jon dying in Dec 06
My thoughts are with you Stacie and your family
regards Alison

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I too still visit this site every evening and as I read  about all of the others struggling with cc I shed more tears.
I still feel attatched to this site by this terrible illness and think this is a great idea.

Like others I have support, but unless you have gone through this I too feel it is hard to understand. Some people cannot understand how dreadful it is to watch and see your loved ones fading when such a short time ago they appeared to be perfectly healthy and going about their daily business.
Like alan some are going quickly and yet others are continuing on with their treatments. I can only repeat what has been said before that this awful illness has many forms and variances and we are all bound together by it.



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We are all bound together because of this specific cancer.  We all have experienced most of the same events.  I lost someone in the middle of last year and it is not easy.  The loss of someone can sometimes be very difficult even after two years.  We all have to work together to bring national attention to this rare cancer .

This cancer has affected very special people.