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Dad has been complaining of chest pain today. He's also coughing up some muccous.  He's been receiving weekly 5fu for 3 weeks now, following 3.5 mo. of gemzar.  Does anyone have any experiencing with chest pains complaints?

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I'm not a doctor, but from what I have read, chest pain may be caused by lung mets.  I'd ask his doctor.

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No doctor here either, however,  in my husband's case, he did not have lung mets, but experienced chest pains several times & EKG's etc. were done. They concluded that in his case it was caused by anxiety. I agree with Lisa, he needs to mention it to his doctor.

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Tess...  I agree with Lisa.  It could be one of several things going on. Referred tumor pain, touch of pnuemonia, pluresia,or infection or maybe fluid retention in the chest /lung cavity. 
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Thanks guys. Today was Dad's toughest day yet. He slept 90% of the day, his ankles are quite swollen and for the first time ever - he could not get out of his chair without assistance.  We're hoping that it was just an unusually rough day, because there is no way that he could have been alone today.  His stomach is a bit swollen too & the docs know it. He's not eating either, only a breakfast drink. He's also very confused.  We're going to have to watch him very close & definitely tell the docs.  Thanks again.

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Has your Dad's potassium level been checked lately?  Is he on any diurectics for his swelling?  If he is,   these drugs (Such as Lasix) tend to flush potassium out of the body.  Potassium is necessary in controlling the heart beat and if it's low can cause these symptoms.

Just a thought.  We had the same problem for my Mom.

I would give the Doctor a call as soon as possible.

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