Topic: Dear Mom-

Dear Mom-

It' sunny today
big blue skies
white white snow

Can you see it?

Do you know how well I am doing
how much I am enjoying life?

There are things I'd do differently
and many I would not

I hope you got to say all the things you meant to

In case you didn't
I am listening

We cuddle when I think of you
Meow and me
it helps a lot

I hope you know how much I miss you
today and always

Please visit
in my dreams
I hear you

Re: Dear Mom-

Hi...I love it.  OUr Eternal life with the lord is such a mystery.  I really enjoyed reading your post.    Hollie

Re: Dear Mom-

What a wonderful. expressive poem. In my grief management class, we wrote letters to our loved ones (in my case my Husband), and I did find it helped, but your poem has all the elements of thoughts I have wanted to express to him at one time or another over the last months.

Well done, and God's peace to you,

Re: Dear Mom-

I opened my eyes REAL BIG when I started reading your poem in an effort not to cry.  Didn't work.  Cried anyway.  So lovely.