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I just started a blog last night.  The picture of me on the front page is from when I was much younger but I really like the life and health emanating from it and want people to remember me that way.

O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not my will but thine be done.  Matt 26:39

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Rose may,

Just checked out your blog. Enjoyed seeing the pictures & putting faces to the names. I admire your wonderful attitude. Wishing you the best on your journey.


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Hi Rose, I like your Caringbridge site.  Rest and take care of yourself and keep us posted.


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Hello Rose. What gorgeous children. Yep, I can tell thats Wisconsin. Take care and keep up the great attitude.

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Hi Rose,
   I like your site on Caringbridge. Writing is so cathargic, isn't it? I think you have a "way with words". I love the pictures also. Darla is from Wisconsin, also - are you near each other?

Joyce C.

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Hi Rose May,
I hope you get some relief from the pain and itching.  That can drive anyone crazy!  How blessed you are to have beautiful grandchildren. 

I totally agree with your Bible verse that you posted in your signature line.  That is my attitude as well.

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Rose May how interesting to connect over so many kilometres
                                                      Janet-from Australia

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Rose May...  I would probally run this by your Doctor.  I have been having slight juandice and itching on and off for about a month now and feel It has been kept somewhat undercontrol using magnesium citrate Sol 1/2 bottle by mouth once a week.  (150ML) immediately followed with 12 oz of water.  Then drink about 8 glasses a day as usual.  It is prescribed for constipation and other reasons.  I take it along with senna x 4 a day.  It really clears out the narrow parts of you bile ducts and allows a better flow. I have no sents, but am having narrowing in another way.  Check it out with your doctor, it just may give you some relief.  This can be purchased OTC for about $2.00 a bottle, althought hospice picks up for me.  Just one 1/2 bottle a week is plenty.  It is basically a sodium base laxative and breaks sludge up and at the same time reduces inflammation.  Just a thought from the peanut gallery.  Hope your itching is resolved soon Rose May.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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