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My best friend Mary (who was diagnosed with CC 5 months ago) has been told her system produced 4 bacteria in her stomach and has infections somewhere in her body that the drs. can't seem to find. Her blood counts indicate an infection but they can't find where. Anyone else had this happen?

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For one of my mom's hospital stays they couldn't really figure it out, the infectious disease people and other specialists kept coming to see her but could not pinpoint anything. The fever eventually broke. Sorry I cannot be more helpful.


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Patsy, sorry we cannot be more precise but I was told infections go along with the CC. Teddy seems to get like 1 a year. They relate it to a blood infection or e coli.

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Hi Patsy, my Dad went through the same thing back in Dec. He was hospitalized for a week- just to get it under control with a heavy dose of antibiotics. It did the trick and we took him home a week later.  While they ran him through a battery of tests & were not exactly clear where the infection (which had made its way to the blood) started, they believe it was with the biliary cath. 

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Hi Patsy,
My husband had the exact situation - bad infection, tried a bunch of different anti-biotics and none worked. The doctors could not pinpoint the source nor type of infection.  Yesterday, found out the infection was enterobactor cloacae, in the blood and liver. He has had an ongoing issue of his bile duct blocking - that caused the infection. He was given Levoquin and the infection is clearing. His fever peaked at 105.6....
Good luck.
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