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Thank you all for posting on this site. I have an amazing story about my moms cholangiocarcinoma and myaloma.  I was very sad tonight.  It was an act of God I found and joined this site.  I will write more later because it is very late.   I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing your stories.  I think I will maybe be able to sleep some tonight. Many of the things I was thinking about i found the answers here.  God bless and my prayers are with everyone.

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Well, Welcome to you Susie!

When you need a soft place to "feel", this is it.  You can help others, help yourself, or just tune into what you are feeling and rant, vent, and dance among us here.  I am sorry that you have a reason to be here, and especially am sorry for your Mom (& my Mom too). 

But... know that you are not alone.  -ljg

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Welcome, Susie, to the best little club in the world that no one wishes to join! We are "family" and feel free to come visit often. Looking forward to hearing your mom's story. These are most most courageous and caring people in the world.


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Hi Susie,

I also want to welcome you. I'm glad you found this site, but sad that you had to. Come back often to read, ask questions, talk or just to vent. Everyone here are truely the most wonderful, kind & understanding people on earth. I too will look forward to hearing your mom's story.


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