Topic: Spanish to English Translation

I received this email from Nohora Gardeazabal on my facebook account. Can anyone help her out?

Hi John:
I represent a translation company that recently translated from English to Spanish a questionnaire about Liver Cancer for a group that is doing a research about the subject.

The group that is doing the research need to be sure that is understandable and easy to answer for any person. So we are looking for people with Liver Cancer that speak Spanish that want to earn some money reviewing the document, also helping that way to increase the information in Spanish available about this type of cancer. I saw your nice page at Facebook and thought maybe you can help me to find people that have Liver Cancer that speak Spanish maybe witing a post to your group.You can give them a copy of this e-mail so anybody that is interested can contact me by e-mail : or by phone 307 277 7227 .

Re: Spanish to English Translation

I am fluent in Spanish, not a native speaker but I fool a lot of people. I am not a patient but I can e-mail her and see if I can be of any help. I do seem to remember, though, that there are some Spanish speakers on the board.