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Hello.  My mom is currently sees a doc at MUSC and we feel the need to get some second opinions. They are doing a lot of guessing about her diagnosis and we do not feel that they have had much experience with CC. Can anyone help recommend a doctor in the SC or NC area and let me know how to go about getting a second opinion?
Thank you so much!

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UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill and Duke University in Durham are both cancer centers and many on the board have experience with them.

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I can recommend Dr. Michael Morse at Duke.  He is my Mom's oncologist.

My Mom lost her one year battle with CC on April 3, 2009.

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You are very right to look outside of SC. Love my home state, but not the epicenter of cc knowledge. I went to UNC and had a good experience but I was only getting a second opinion and didnt get treatment there so I am hesitant to recommend someone I only met once when there are far more knowledgable people here.

Best of luck getting that second opinion. And you dont have to limit it to nearby states, sometimes doctors will look at the paperwork, test results and scans without meeting the patient and offer a second opinion.


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