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I had a meeting with my psychologist today. In Sweden, all the medical records are computerised and all doctors can read every other doctors notes.

I was talking about how well I felt and that I dont feel sick at all which makes me have the unreasonable hope that I might actually beat this. I know that it is almost impossible, but sometimes I cant help feel that way. I admitted that sometimes I felt like I was hiding from the truth....and my lovely counselor said "No, you know the score. It is written in your records how well informed you are". I thought that was hysterical. I have doctors commenting on record that I know alot about this cancer. Bless this site.


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So sad, it truly is funny!!!  When I go to the docs with T they are always so surprised at the questions I ask. I wish we were all so brilliant in some other matter, not CC! Or, its like you want to say, "yes, I know whats happening so don't mess with me, buster!".


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I know how you feel, Kris.  I feel the same way.

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Kris, how wonderful to have all the records computerized.  I hope that will happen here in the next few years - would make life a little simpler.  You are well informed and that's great.  Where would we all be without this site?  I would be in the loony bin somewhere I think.  When I took Charlie to the ER in December, I recited (as we all have so many times) from his diagnosis in 5/07 to the present time; every medicine, every date, every procedure.  She sat there with her mouth open and couldn't write fast enough.  She asked if I had ever thought of writing it all down.

I'm so glad you're feeling good and spring is coming.  Love you Kris.