Topic: Gemzar and Taxotare

I am on a regime of Gemzar and Taxotare which has been very hard on both me and my tumors.  Anyone else with this combination?

My first cycle was in October 2005, after which I had a major drop in blood counts, bleeding ulcers, 9 days in the hospital, and significant reduction in tumors and dropping CA19-9 levels which lasted for 8 months.  After a couple of short-lived clinical trials, I started my second cycle of Gemzar and Taxotare on November 2, 2006.  This time my oncologist followed up with daily blood tests which showed an 80% drop in WBC and platelets, causing the second infusion to be cancelled.  Although blood levels are back to normal, I have not had any more chemo, waiting for deteriorating results, but both the December and January scans and CA19-9 are improving.

Woody B