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I live in Washington State, in the northwest corner of the state.  From my window I can see Puget Sound and Camano Island.  In the distance, I see the Olympic mountains.   It's a beautiful view.

We are two hours away from three major ski areas:  Mt. Baker to the north, Stevens Pass to the east, and Snoqualmie Pass to the south. 

We are season ticket holders for major junior hockey team, the Everett Silvertips.  We enjoy hockey about six months out of the year.

In the summer (July-August) we have warm, sunny days.  The temperature rarely rises above 85 degrees - usually it's a comfortable 70-80.  We're about 20 miles from a wonderful, sandy beach on the island that few people know about. 

Winters are also pretty mild.  We rarely get snow - just rain.  When it snows as few as three inches, the whole region panics and shuts down.  That shows you how few times it snows here.

I love where I live!

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Your place does sound beautiful! I think loving where you live is a BIG part of being happy. I love where I live too and although it is not "home" it is something incredible.

Enjoy your world.


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I love where I live too! My house is on the first foothill of the Cumberland range of the Apppalachians. I'm in a small town, but my house looks out into a forest. Three miles in one direction is a nature preserve, three miles in the other is the edge of the bluegrass region. I'm so-o-o-o-o lucky! And every summer, I get to spend weeks in the OTHER most wonderful place in the world-- the Kettle Moraine, in Wisconsin.


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I live in a lovely place.A small coastal village with a rainforest escarpment  behind but I apreciate where I live because it has a good and supportive community       Janet

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I live in the beautiful Kickapoo Valley in Wisconsin.  We have so many small family farms and artisan cheese and bread shops, the food around here is so fresh and wonderful.  We also have a huge Amish population.

My community has been absolutely incredible in supporting me through this.  They are even holding a fundraiser soon for me, and have opened an account for me at the local food co-op that people donate to so I can get supplements and healthy foods without having to worry about cost.

We are a short drive from the awesome Mississippi River and have lots of woods and fields and springs and nature in abundance.

Right now it is maple syrup season and many people have their taps in  and the sap is flowing, pancake breakfasts and horse and wagon rides.....

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