Topic: My husband diagnosed just 8 weeks ago with cc - no clue at all!

Hello Everyone,
Very comforting to read your cheery outlooks and warming messages on this rare and devastating cancer.  Stan's ducts too "strictured" to stent so he's just had Bag II placed only hours ago to get that bile moving.  Thursday (Jan 4) he will undergo demanding surgery to resection and hopefully find that cure through surgery at Wake Forest Univ Baptist  Hospital by a fine John Hopkins trained surgeon.  We hope that will be the end of it all  -  removal  - just the removal of the cancer and that that will be The Cure.

This web site certainly gives newly diagnosed folks hope as you all seem to be on the cusp of what's happening in this field and your suggestions are golden.......

Mu husband had ulcerative colitis (also out of the blue) in 2001 and we have learned this condition does very frequently arise out of that......shouldn't people who have this condition be warned that they could eventually get cc???? Their livers could then be closely monitored and perhaps this cancer could be avoided altogether.

It's 2007...........hopefully things will get better...........thanks to all.............


Re: My husband diagnosed just 8 weeks ago with cc - no clue at all!

Hello Leslie, my name is Celia my husband has the same as yours, his name is Richie. He also just got diagnosed a few weeks ago in December.The doctor here says he cant get the tumor because its too close to the portal vein. Im getting another doctor to see what he can do at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.But first Richie has to undergo another operation to put a new stent in before we leave for Baltimore.I know how you feel this is awful. I have never heard of this until now. Anyway I just wanted to say, I pray for your husband and you.   CELIA HINSON

Re: My husband diagnosed just 8 weeks ago with cc - no clue at all!

Hi Celia---My name is Edith and my husband was dx with cc in Oct. 2005.  He had laparoscopic surgery the same month.  He was given 6 months to live and was told to spend and enjoy whatever time left with his family.  He is still with us.  Thank God!We live in Annapolis, MD---less than an hour drive from Johns Hopkins.  Let me know when your in  You can also visit our blog:  hoskins family.  All I can say is do as much of the crying now, then get yourself ready for the good fight!  Good luck!  edith

Re: My husband diagnosed just 8 weeks ago with cc - no clue at all!

Hi Celia......thanks for replying to my comments.  Well, at the last minute they decided not to operate on my husband as it was not feasible according to radiologist who discovered some new unfortunate situation.  Now, after seeing another specialist yesterday (Jan 12) he says he can handle it!!!! Resections, etc.  Stan is in hospital today getting new biliary drains and being scrubbed.  He begins radiation Monday for 28 days and they hope to shrink masses, inflammation. This is a real up and down situation and I feel for him as those drains don't really add much to quality of life although there is bile flowing at last.
Thank you for your prayers and I will do the same for you and your husband..........I've never felt such powerlessness as to our future........everything was just running along and then this very nasty situation wherein treatment/cure is a mixed bag.  Good luck, Celia, and I hope you write back with good news!!!!!!! Cheers, Friend........Leslie

Re: My husband diagnosed just 8 weeks ago with cc - no clue at all!

My husband has the inoperable liver and bile duct tumor that is close to the portal vein. He was seeking surgery for the cure and found that it was too much of a risk. We were devastated to hear that news. Decided to pack up and go to our condo in Florida and see an oncologist for treatment.
So far, no treatment has been started because there are no symptoms and he feels fine. We can't believe it because of the size of the liver tumor and bile duct involvement. We have tried to think positive and many prayers have been said through friends throughout the U.S. It would be such a miracle if this mass should disappear. Cat scans have shown that it is still there, but there has been no change in size, etc. Apparently, it's just sitting there!!!! We were told that this is a relentless type of cancer -- it's almost like sitting on a time bomb, waiting for something to happen, but so far it's not. We are living one day at a time. God Bless all of you that are going through these very trying times.