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Michelle's husband Chuck has asked me to post that she passed away on February 16th. She was only 43 and leaves behind 2 young girls as well. They had a few good moments during the final 2 weeks and her family all got to see her before she passed on. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.


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Please pass on my condolences to Michelle's family. I will say an extra prayer for her and her family tonight.


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My heart breaks for the family...please let them know that Em and I will be praying for comfort, hope and strength.


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I was just thinking of Michelle yesterday, and I was hoping we hadn't  heard from her b/c she was doing treatment and was just busy.....  That is just heartbreaking, I truly couldn't imagine leaving my son now, he would be so lost.  Thanks Patty for letting us know.  I will absolutely include Michelle in my prayers tonight.

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Dear Chuck and family,

I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.  May God hold your family tightly in his hands as you deal with such a loss.

In sorrow,

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Our prayers and thought go out to Michelle's Family. Thank you Patty.


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Thanks for letting us all know about Michelle, Patty. Her family will be in my prayers also.

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Chuck..... Our sincere condolences in rememberance of Michelle.  A big prayer of support for you and the girls.
God Bless,
Valerie and Jeff

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I pray for Michelle and her family.  Please give them strength.

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My sincere sympathy to Michele's family and loved ones. She seemed so full of hope and life - I can't bear to think of her two daughters without her. What a tragic loss.

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