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Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I've written. I just couldn't get the strength to write anything.

It was exactly 4 months and two days before I got Johns ashes back. If you remember he donated his body to science to try and help find a cure for this horrible cancer.

It was so hard when he came home! I slept with the unopened box for three days before I could even try and open the box. I cried for days but at the same time I was so happy he was home again.

I love him just as much as if he were still alive and miss him terribly. I have a strange sense of peace having him back though. I don't feel so alone anymore.

I hope everyone is holding on and doing as well as they can. I think of you often.
Love to you all,

Re: Johns Ashes


  It is good to hear from you - I think of you often. I am glad that you have that "sense of peace". I think I know what you mean - I went to the cemetary today and put an Easter Lily on Butch's grave and talked to him for awhile - that "quiets me" mentally. I hope the months have been kind to you, and that you are more at peace, even though yes - we do miss our husbands each and every day.  Just remember, you are not alone.

Cyber Hugs to you - Joyce C.

Re: Johns Ashes

Dear Charlene,

It is nice to hear from you.  I am glad that you have found some sense of peace now that John has returned home to you.  I too felt better once I had Jim's ashes back with me.  As you said, it gives you a sense of peace & you feel less lonely.  It doesn't really make it all go away, but it is somewhat comforting.  I don't think we every get over the great loss we have all suffered. We just learn how to live with it & try to go on. Some days are harder than others. As Joyce said above, atleast we are not alone. We are all here to help, support & comfort each other when we need it.

I have thought of you often & am glad that you are doing OK. I think we are all just holding on & doing the best we can under the circumstances.  Take care Charlene.

Love & Hugs,

"One Day At A Time"

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