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My family is wondering why our mother is so tired with CC. She has not been experiencing any pain, so she not on any pain meds. She's eats and drinks at meal times, but sleeps most of the time otherwise. It is very frustrating for us since we'd like to spend some quality time with her and she can't seem to stay awake.

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Fatigue is the one thing that unites all cc patients.  I know it's frustrating but you have to let her rest.  I assume that I'm much younger than your mother, and I have had to retire from work because of the grinding fatigue.

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We saw this with Dad too Laker, the fatigue was always there. Mom use to get very frustrated & try to force Dad to get up to shower/shaved if she thought he had slept/napped too long. But in reality, he was just so extremely tired. 

Wishing you well.


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Fatigue is my biggest problem as well. Sometimes I chalk it up as a side effect to whatever treatment I'm receiving: chemo therapy or chemoembolization; but I was tired before treatments too. For instance, today I slept from about midnight until 1PM and still needed to take a rest on the couch around 7PM or so. I imagine I'll go to sleep around midnight as well.

Talk to your doctor if the fatigue is overwhelming/debilitating. I've been prescribed two different drugs to combat it - Provigil, which did not work for me (but might for someone else) and Ritalin (believe it or not) which does seem to help a bit.

Other than that, I think it's just something we'll all have to deal with...

Best of luck