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Lately I have had dizzy spells, especially if I get up or move quickly.  If I get out of bed too quickly, I stagger around like a drunk person.  This is not a constant problem, but it is annoying. 

Any advice?  Experience with dizziness?

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I'm a little unsteady right when I get up sometimes.  Especially when I'm on chemo.

- Suzanne

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Lisa, I am not sick and I get dizzy lots. I usually equate it to the weather system. I also now have tinitis. Boy, is that annoying. People with tinitis hear different things, mine is the sound of steam from a radiator. Like a hissing. At any rate I asked my doctor if he thought B12 might help and he said it's worth a try. Of course I have not  gone yet to the store to get it but thought I would pass that on. It could be the lack of some vitamin.


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I am getting that now as well. I have had diarrea for 8 days now and when they checked my blood yesterday, I was VERY low on all my "salts" or whatever. I am thinking that mine might be caused by low minerals and such from dehydration so I am drinking sport drinks and here is a link to a pedialite recipe to make at home Hopefully once I get my electrolytes up, I will get rid of the dizzines....just a thought, I havent talked to my doctor about it so it is more of a hunch than doctor opinion.

Hope you get yours under control too.


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Obvious question but, have you had your blood pressure checked since this started?   Not just a quick pressure test that shows it is ok when you are seated.  A proper blood pressure test will also show the results when you stand up and sit down and should be done by your GP.


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I also had this went to Dr. had the sit down stand up blood pressure test. Major changes in readings, but he thought gatorade to replace electrolites would help and did. Good luck check with your doctor.

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I haven't had my blood pressure checked with the sit down/stand up test.  Good idea.  Also, I should probably get vitamins and electrolytes going.  My blood pressure has been high since all this started.  One thing that concerns me is that the tumor has been wrapped around the IVC for over a year.  Maybe the vena cava is getting squeezed?  Who knows?  I see the nurse for a blood draw on Tuesday, so I'll ask then.