Re: What are the signs of impending death?


I am so glad that you replied to Marjo.  After reading your post I too began to wonder.  My husband has been gone for 7 months & I also have gotten a lot from this site.  This is truely a monster of a cancer to deal with.  I don't think anything else can compare to what those of us who have dealt with it have gone through.  I like you know that I did the best I could with the circumstances we were given and that our husbands are in a better place & no longer in pain, but it is still hard to accept and go on. We all miss him so much and I am still so sad & lonely.  It just rips your world apart to watch someone you love be taken away from you so swiftly by this horrible disease.  I will now be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers along with everyone else on this site who has been touched by this awful type of cancer.  I hope that things are going OK for you as I too know what it is like & how hard it is to go on.


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Re: What are the signs of impending death?

Good to hear from you, LD.  Yes, do stay with us.  This site is so helpful.


Natasha:  I am sorry you are going through all this.....first your dad and now your mother.  You don't speak of any brothers and sisters than can help you?  My mom passed away about 3 years ago.  They never put a catheter in her, so we had diapers the whole time.  Also, she didn't have any BM problems.  It's been 3 weeks since your last post.  How are you doing?