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I am from Romania
My father is 53 years old and he was diagnosticated in april 2009 with CC.He has a lot of metastatics nodules all the liver and he went  to a private clinic in Turky. They put him a metalic stent on the left bilairy canal and Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage catheter was placed in the left biliary canal. Before this procedure the level of bilirubin was 20 and now is 4.

I want to start a therapy with Vitamin C but i do not konw the dosage and I want to try DR. Gorter treatment with dendritic cells but I do not have the contacts details (email or phone number).

If you have any information about dr. Gorter clinic please help me.

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Welcome to the site. CC is a terrible beast but we are all here to help each other and offer support and advice. Although I wish you did not have to find us, it is very good that you did. The first link is an exchange our wonderful Marion had with Dr. Gorter so it might answer some of your questions.
The rest are discussions about the treatment. … DISCUSSION WITH THE DOCTOR … php?id=253 … hp?id=1505 … .php?id=33

One of our members Geoff had dendric cell therapy in a different clinic in Germany. Unfortunately he past away. His daughter Jules was quite active on the site, but I think that it became too hard for her after her father died. However, she was always so helpful that I think she might respond if you email her and ask her questions. Do a search under useraname Jules and if you look under her name there is an email link.

You also might want to look into Avemar, a wheatgrass alternative treatment. It is not available in Sweden,  but I think it is in Romania. It has had good studies (real scientific studies) on its effectiveness when used in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Best of luck with your fathers treatment.


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