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Happy mothers day to those mothers who celebrate this weekend and also to those who dont and a happy weekend to all anyway       Janet

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Yes,  Happy Mother's Day to all. I got my present yesterday when the Oncologist told us that Teddy's LABS were totally, totally normal. We breath easy again for another 2 months. May 28th is the date for the next stent exchange on the right ureter. Daughter signed up for Facebook 4 months ago. A man she grew up with in Milwaukee found her, he came out here to see her and  they are hoping to have a wedding July of 2010. After 10 years divorced, raising 4 kids (all are honor students) she is truly in love. It is a good Mother's Day. Wishing the same for all of you.


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Wishing a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you lovely ladies out there, enjoy the day and make sure that  your every need and want is tended to.......Lainy continued good luck for Teddy and best wishes for your daughter.....ron

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I would like to join Lainy & Janet in  wishing everyone a great weekend & a Happy Mother's Day to all who are celebrating.

Lainy, a special wish for your daughter & her family for a very happy future. More good news on top of Teddy's normal lab results.  These are really special gifts, the ones that really count.


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I have the best mother, but I am sure all you others come a very close second. Happy mothers day to all. And a special hug to those of you who have recently lost your mother. I can only imagine how one feels on such holidays.


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It is a special day to remember the strong and beautiful women in our famillies, our circles and ourselves.... including those wonderful souls that  are with us, and those that watch over us from beyond.  So much to be grateful for, including the wonderful gals on this board that have taken many of us under their 'motherly' wings, to provide guidance and support, through our cc journey. Thank you for that! 

Many hugs to you all!