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Topic: 2009 ASCO Conference in Orlando

I attended the ASCO Conference in Orlando with
Stacie and Marion from May 29

Re: 2009 ASCO Conference in Orlando

Dear Barbara we are so very happy you were so inspired. We attended a convention here in Phoenix and it was amazing. This whole Board is amazing but I know what you mean about "the girls"! I have not had the good fortune to meet Stacie yet. But Marion has Passion and Mission written across her forehead. Thank you for attending and as usual a big hug and thanks to Stacie and Marion. You all ROCK!

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Re: 2009 ASCO Conference in Orlando

You just made me cry. I am humbled by your experience and dedication. It is inspiring how those family members who have lost someone keep the flame burning for the rest of us.


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Re: 2009 ASCO Conference in Orlando

I am on your side and anything I can help you with - please email me.
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