Topic: Liver Tumor Embolization - any experience?

Has anyone had experience with embolization of a liver tumor?  Our oncologist mentioned this as a possibility after the rapid growth of the previously-shrunken metastasis in my wife's liver.  If so, what results, side-effects, etc? 
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Re: Liver Tumor Embolization - any experience?

Embolization was initially suggested twice for me.  Unfortunately, upon further study and consultation with all the medical people involved it was found out it would not work at that time for me because in one case the tumors were too close to a vital vein and in the other case, a closer exam of the scan showed too many spots to treat that way.

But my understanding is that it is minimally invasive, it requires very little surgery (just a tiny opening in the groin which is not even stitched -- more like a little cut which heals very fast), and my understanding it is targeted.

I was told the side-effects would be minimal -- but again I was not able to have it done.

Best of luck and always keep up hope.

Re: Liver Tumor Embolization - any experience?

Thank you so much for your reply and info.  We will likely be discussing this with our Oncologist on Monday as well as other possible chemo and any other options.  Of course we hope to find someone who had experienced it and would know the ups & downs of that treatment. Believe me we are keeping up hope.  My wife has decided from the first that she will beat this and has done great so far.  Our best to you and you will be in our prayers.