Topic: Insulin Potentiation Therapy

Is anyone familiar with this type of therapy (IPT).  We re heading to Az to Dr. Lodi to look into this therapy.  I believe it involves getting your body alkaline through green juicing, colonics and then insulin to help your body absorb a much smaller dose of chemo than is normally used.  My husband Joe had opted not to do any chemo because he didn't want the side effects for the rest of his life.  He has now been diagnosed since July and he isn't any worse than when he was told.  We will have a P.E.T. scan next Monday to see what it shows before we go out there but this seems like something he wants to try.  Has anyone with cc tried this?  I think the Gerson diet is very similar although I think this program starts with a juice fast.  I would appreciate any info you have.  Mary Anne