Topic: Teddy's Miracle Story something we just heard......

First of all T had his PET yesterday and we have an appointment to find out the results June 24th.  Here is something we just heard. Goes to show about doctors!

A very dear friend of ours in Milwaukee  found out last week he has colon cancer and is going in this Friday for surgery. His surgeon happens to be the one who did T's Whipple. We LOVE that doctor. Our friends went for their initial visit yesterday and said hello from us. Dr. Henry said OMG, that man is truly a walking miracle. It is a miracle he got through the Whipple and a miracle that he is doing so well. He told them when he went in to do the surgery he had an intern working with him. Upon opening up the area he said to the intern what do you think? The intern replied, he doesn't have a chance I would close him up. Then 1/2 way through  he again asked what would you do? The intern again replied, I would close him. To which Dr. Henry replied, "WATCH ME!"  Its so in the doctor!!!!

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