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It has been quite sometime since I've posted and have really missed being on the site.  May 8, Emilee and I were hit head on by a drunk driver just 2 miles from our home. I send praise and joy to the Lord for the both of us...Emilee escaped with absolutely no injuries other than that of the seatbelt and airbag. They flew her to Flagstaff Medical just as precaution. I however, my right femur shattered along with my ankle and heel.  I was also flown to Flag, and underwent three surgeries within two weeks time. I am now in a cast and will undergo therapy after July 2 to walk again. I have a metal rod in my thigh holding things together, a brand new plastic ankle and heel! Can't wait to get some use out of them.  During my stay in the hospital....I just kept thinking of Lee and all of our loved one's as they battled day in and day out, fighting this brave, strong and awesome they all are and were to face such a beast. Their stories of hope and strength helped me not to complain. Gave me strength to get up and do as the doc's said even though it hurt like hell. Gave me peace that if they suffered the way they all did, my little ol' broken leg was nothin' but that...a little ol' broken leg and I was going to make it through this no matter what. It made me a whole lot tougher than I ever could imagine. I am soooo very grateful that I found this site well over a year ago...because looking back, I would have never thought I would be where I am now, getting through every day on hope, faith, love and the inspiration of everyone here.


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Hi Bionic woman! Oh my gosh. I wondered why I didn't hear from you about coming here. How terrible. I want to say to you, Thank God Lee was up there watching over you both!!! Please get better fast!!! Be strong and hopeful and that will help the healing process. Good grief, that's enough already. Please stay in touch, I miss you!


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Heather, I'm so sorry you had to deal with this on top of everything else!  Best wishes for you for a full recovery.

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I too was wondering why you haven't been around.  I'm sorry you had to go through all of this so soon after losing Lee, but it does sound like things are getting a little better & you seem to have a really positive attitude and as we all know, that is so important.  I am also happy that Emilee was not seriously injured.  I agree with Lainy. Lee is watching over you.  I also think that enough is enough and things will now get better every day. I am hoping for a full recovery for you.  Keep us updated as to how things are going. Take Care of yourself & Em.

Love & Hugs,

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Heather...I also have often been thinking of you.  Many times people move on from this site for various reasons but, your story is very different.  I am so happy to know that you and Em have survived this accident and I also believe that Lee had his watchful eyes over you.  I am wishing for a speedy recovery.


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Heather...I've missed seeing you post and was wondering how you were.  Thank God for miracles.  I'm so glad it wasn't worse.

We are sending wishes for a good recovery and many, many hugs to you and Em.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Dear Heather  I wish you my best.What a terrible event to happen,you must have been so scared         love from Janet

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Arent you going to have fun going through airport security? All those metal bits will surely get you on the FBI watch list. smile
And a plastic foot and ankle....jut preperation for when you are 100 and need a new hip so you can dance at your great geat grandaughters wedding.

Life is full of ups and downs...and you have definately had your share of downs recently. I am so glad that both you and Em are ok and are around to share your love adn warmth with others. I also think Lee was watching over you. Isnt it a beautiful thought?

Best wishes for a speedy and as pain free recovery as possible. And lets hope the drunk driver gets the help he needs so no other family will have to go through this.


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I gotta say all have a wonderful way with words! AND, YES! Can you see it now...the strength Lee had here fighting probably exerted itself TREMENDOUSLY, INCOMPREHESIBLY...when he saw what was about to happen to his girls...I have a confession to make...I really never even thought about it that way....and ya know what else? I think my dad had something to do with it too!  The both of them together, competing over simply, simply wonderful. I love you all for your posts!!!! And being there for us. My deepest, deepest thanks.


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Oh Heather,
  I am so sorry for your additional troubles. I DO think lee and your Father must have been watching over you, and prevented further injury. I hope thinkgs go smoothly for you for a while now. I am glad Em is ok, and I want to wish you good lucky with the upcoming therapy.