Topic: Phase II trial of Davanat

This is a drug company press release
From July 25, 2006

Phase II Cholangiocarcinoma Trial

The Company initiated a U.S.-based Phase II study of its lead carbohydrate compound DAVANAT(R) with 5-FU for first line treatment of patients with Cholangiocarcinoma (cancer associated with the bile duct). The objectives of the trial are a complete or partial tumor response (RECIST) and progression-free survival. The multi-center, open-label study will evaluate approximately 30 patients treated with DAVANAT(R) and 5-FU for at least two cycles or to disease progression. Cholangiocarcinoma may represent an opportunity for orphan drug status approval.

Re: Phase II trial of Davanat

Thank you for posting the clinical trial for Davanat.  At the moment Patty is in the hospital at Tampa General Hospital and the Phase II trial for Davanat has been offered to her and the trial will be conducted right here at the hospital.  She is still taking it into consideration.  Any further information on the trial or anyone starting the trial will be welcomed.