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Hi Everyone

It's quite a while since I posted on this site, so first just let me say that my heart goes out to everyone with cholangiocarcinoma, or whose loved one has this disease - and I send you all much love and positive thoughts.

I am involved here in the UK with AMMF, a small registered charity set up after my husband Alan died from cc at the end of the year 2000.  Our aim is to raise money to support research into this disease and are presently helping a team at Imperial College London who are doing just that, and getting some promising results.

Our main fundraising event is an annual Summer Ball, which this year is being held on Saturday July 4th, at the Radisson Hotel, Stansted Airport - and is always a great evening.  Tickets have been harder to sell this year than usual, due to the economic climate no doubt, so we still have some available and really want to get as many people along as possible so we can continue to support the research guys.

So, if anyone in the UK is interested in coming along to this event, please have a look at the website,, where you can get my contact details.

Helen xx

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Hi Helen;
I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts supporting research for this disease. I pray that one day soon a cure is found. With people like you, maybe it may happen during my lifetime.
Thank you and God Bless,

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Thank you Jamie. 

I'll keep doing what I can, as long as I can!

Helen x

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Good luck selling tickets.


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I second Kris' sentiments.  This is a challenging climate, and I hope you are able to sell the remaining tickets for the event.

30-something caregiver