Topic: Me again with another question


Sorry that I have been so full of questions lately...... Mom is having a lot of joint pain, especially in the groin area.  She had an u/s yesterday and they didn't find anything.  No swollen lymph nodes, no blood clot, no vericos vein.  I was just wondering if anyone had any advice about how she can relieve the pain or what could be going on?  Her dr. is sending her to a orthopedic surgeon to see what they suggest.  Dr. said that they will probably do some rehab.  They don't believe that it has anything to do with the cancer.....just an annoying pain!  She was on an antibiotic a couple of weeks ago for the infection they thought that she had, which the blood work came back and showed that there was no infection, and one side effect of the medicine is joint pain, so maybe the two are connected.  As many of you know too well, it just seems like there is always something going on... I feel so sorry for her.

Night, Amy