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Rachael also sent this information along as well.

Please visit this website to view the Memorial video my family made back in February. We played this at my dad's Memorial service. You may have to copy the link into your address bar. When the site comes up you should see a little box with a picture of a ceramic baby looking up. On the left corner there is a play button. As you press that you should begin to hear music and see the show.

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Thank you.  It was very touching and wonderful.  The video was a gift of love and I appreciate very much your sharing it.  Sending loving thoughts to Jeff through my tears.


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Thank you...
We are thinking of your family~

Charlene Eloi
Daughter of David Cook

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Those superman underwear really made me laugh! Personality as always.


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I miss you, Jeff. I trust you are resting in peace and, as always, taking it to the limit.