Topic: diarrhea and zinc

Time just ran an article on how zinc helps diarrhea in African children. I thought this was interesting and think that next time I get diarrhea from my chemo I might try it.

Here is the link … -1,00.html


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Re: diarrhea and zinc

Hi Kris. Don't know about the diarrhea, but I have taken Zinc daily for YEARS! I just don't feel good without it. In the recess of my mind I also remember reading that Zinc helps  keep colds away. I don't get colds. My biggest problem is stomach and going for a colonoscopy and  endoscopy the 24th. Also an ultra sound Monday. Cheeze Whiz, I sure hope I am not pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!  How ya doin, kid?


Re: diarrhea and zinc

Hi Kris;
I was just talking about you to the Dr I see for accupuncture. She just got back from Finland visiting her Dad. She is the one that started me on the Guar Gum for diarrhea. Have you been able to find it yet and try it? She said that if you couldnt find it locally you could order it. She is from Europe and I believe she lived in Sweeden also. I have been amazed at how much better my gut has been. The other supplement I take for my intestines is called GI Integrity. Main ingredient is L-glutamine. A nurse from the health food co-op uses it is another form (protein powder from pea protein). I used to have to stop in middle of accupuncture because of diarrhea. Since I've been using both of these regularly I have been able to have a full treatment and I can go shopping without fear where the bathroom is! Woo Hoo!
Take care and God Bless,