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The good news is, that after Dawn

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Yes, fantastic news.............but! I have heard of this infection/parasite. I hope it doesn't affect her in any way.
But, GREAT news that she is still cancer free, really plaesed for you both!

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Mary - Happy to hear the success that your husband has had with his treatment. It gives me hope... My Uncle has too only just been diagnosed. I'm so afraid for him as he is sooo young and has 3 infant children. He has Jaundice and they are going to unblock the Bile Duct. we are trying to get him referred to Leeds for a second opinion as they are sayinf my uncle  his GP has been of no help what so ever - we really felt the postcode lottery effect this morning when he said he couldn't refer him outside of this area. we are willing to go private to get this initial consultation but it just feels as if the system is against us. i pray to God that he shows us which direction to go in. I would appreciate any advice about where we can get treatment for his cancer as we are willing to raise funds to try as extend his life - I, as his neice & friend just want my young cousins to be able to be old enough to remember him before he goes.

Please can you share with me what you were told about your husband's chances when he was first told about CC? All advice is much appreciated...