Topic: Experiences with Marinol for nausea and appetite?

Hi all,

I've been trying to get my appetite up as I have started chemo treatment with Gemzar and Xeloda.  My doctor offered me a prescription to Marinol with the caveat that it works for some folks and not for others.  From my attempts so far (with the smallest 2.5mg dosage), I've found it to be a bad experience (crazy mind trips a few hours after dosage) and that the expected benefits of appetite, etc haven't seemed to materialize.  Growing up in the "just say no" time period means that I don't have personal experiences growing up with smoking so I don't know what to compare this with vis-a-vis the real munchies, etc that everyone talks about.

Wondering if anyone else has had experiences with Marinol or suggestions that might help me to get this to work for my body?  Also, any comparisons with medical marijuana (rather than Marinol with is purely synthetic THC as I understand)?  I realize this is a heated topic as some folks have strong legal or religious based views on this topic -- so please keep the advice to medical rather than legal if possible.



Re: Experiences with Marinol for nausea and appetite?

Hi Hans,
I'm new here so haven't even introduced myself to the forums yet. My Mom is 70 and has gallbladder cancer with mets. to liver. Chemo did not work. Appetite was and is still at times a huge problem.

They recommended Megace to us but the side effects concerned me on that one. Another drug they can prescribe for appetite is Dexamethasone, which works incredibly well, for my Mom at least. But she had terrible night sweats with it and it is a steroid. Finally, for everyday our GP suggested Cesamet (Nabilone). It's basically Marinol but in  a lower dose. It works really well. Not as well as the Dexamethasone did but it has no side effects for Mom at least and it's helping her appetite greatly.

Hope that helps.


Re: Experiences with Marinol for nausea and appetite?

I was just put on Marinol, and I remember now that the 70's weren't my favorite decade!  Not sure how it is working for you now, but everyone I have talked to says it does take a few days to get over the dopeyness and get on to what it is supposed to do.

Re: Experiences with Marinol for nausea and appetite?

I think that marinol is worth a try, beyond the "lightheadeness" described as side effect.  It worked wonders for my husband.  He also tried marijuana, and found it most helpful - helped him "remember what it feels like to be healthy".  This from a man who would not accept that his 33-year old multiply pierced and tattooed son (former rock band drummer) had ever tried the stuff........

Re: Experiences with Marinol for nausea and appetite?

I found that if I take it at night then I don't worry about being dopey ;-)  I will say it has made a big difference in my appetite, at least I haven't lost weight my last 2 visits