Hi Everyone,

It's been so long since I have posted. Things have been crazy here as I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.

Brief history - husband diagnosed with cc with mets to liver (large mass) and lymph nodes - he's 41 -

We are in Columbus, Ohio and he is in a trial at the James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State U.  He is on Xeloda, Taxol and Carboplatin.  The first month he did ok until about 5 days into the Xeloda.  He left for a golf trip to Pinehurst, NC and ended up in the ER the next day with severe diarrhea, temp. of 102.9 and extremely low white cell count.  I drove through the night to get there and he ended up in the hospital there for 11 days.  He didn't eat for 5 days.  His white cells finally came up after a shot of Nupagen even though the Drs. don't seem real big on that drug. 

Anyway, we came back to Ohio and our Dr. here gave him 3 weeks off chemo to get his stomach back to normal.  He's supposed to start back up with the chemo tomorrow. They are cutting the Xeloda dose by 50% (he was on about 4,000 mg. a day which I knew was so high) and they are cutting the Taxol and Carboplatin by 25% so hopefully he can tolerate it better this second round. 

His stomach still isn't back to normal (bowel habits........) Dr. Saab said his stomach had to be "normal" to start back up so I don't know if they will have him start tomorrow or not. I think that is one of the criteria for being on this trial. You can't be off for more than 3 weeks.  We'll see what he says tomorrow I guess. 

He's feeling good though, is golfing and doing his normal thing. I'm just trying to get his weight back up with Ensure Plus.  He is really trying to eat healthy but it's hard to get his weight up with him doing that now.

We went to Florida last week for the kids spring break (2 kids, 13 and 15) and had a great time.

Just wanted to update everyone and hope everyone is getting good news out there.
Love and prayers to all of you!


Hi Kris....  Sorry to hear about the problems your Husband had with Xeloda.  The same thing happened to me.  I started with 4,000 mg and really got knocked for a loop.  Was reduced by 50% and I tolerated it very well.  Need to drink lots of water with it (room temp) and I also took a couple of duccolux stool softener capsules for first 5 days.  Kept things pretty regular.  I just completed cycle 4 yesterday.  It is hard on the platelets but they seem to keep climbing back enough to press on with treatment.  I also found being outside in the sun to long will cause naseau and stomach cramping.  Best to ya!
Jeff G.

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Hi Jeff,  Glad to hear you tolerated the Xeloda much better by cutting the dosage.  That's good to know.  Hope the same happens for my husband.

You are such an inspiration to so many of us on this board!!

Take care.


Hi Kris,
   Good to hear from you. Sorry your husband and you had such a hard time. At least he is able to get out and have fun and do normal things. That's a blessing. My husband took Xeloda for 5 weeks straight Mon-Fri while he was getting radiation treatments. He was taking 3600 mg per day which I thought was a lot too. He really seemed to tolerate it alright though. I hope your husband can stay in the trial and get positive results when he has his next scan. My husband's last MRI was the same. No visible tumor so we are free until the first of June when he will get his next one. My prayers are with you and your family. I really believe your husband is going to do well!! Take care and God Bless. Mary


Mary, I'm so glad for you and your husband.  You guys are a real inspiration too.

I wanted to tell you I did get your email. So sweet of you to write and check on us!

Thanks for all the good thoughts.