Topic: What dosage did you take? Gemzar / Cisplatin

The oncologist has agreed to change my Mom's chemotherapy regime to Gemzar and Cisplatin. I showed the ASCO report to him, and discussed the dosage with him. In the ASCO report, Dr. Valle use 25mg/M2 cisplatin plus 1000mg/M2 Gemzar, two weeks on and one week off. The oncologist told me, in their hospital, they usually use 75mg/M2 Cisplatin per 3 weeks, because they found it's more effective in other cancer.

The doctor said if I want to try lower dosage, that's also okay. Cound someone share your experience and your dosage with me?

Re: What dosage did you take? Gemzar / Cisplatin

I dont know what I am getting. I am calling the oncology department today so if I can remember to ask. The oncologist I spoke to yesterday said that he "prefers" to give lower doses which the body can handle instead of killing having to take so many breaks in the treatment cycle. So I am assuming my dosage is not too high. Will check though...the more we share, the more we learn.


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Re: What dosage did you take? Gemzar / Cisplatin

Hi Viola,

My oncologist is prescribing me 1650mg of Gemcitabine and 42mg of Cisplatin. I receive these for 2 weeks and then 1 week off. From what I understand they take the patients weight is taken into consideration for the dosing. I am 135lbs.

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