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Just came home from my colonoscopy and endoscopy and all went rather well. I have a small ulcer (what a surprise, who is stressed here?) And a small tumor inside the colon right where that big tumor is that they are removing tomorrow so they will remove the whole thing and resect the colon. Everything else was fine. Just think of me sitting at a resort for a week where I get waited on hand and foot! Yeah, right! In the meantime you can all help me by staying well, yourselves. I am already missing all of you!

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Hope it all goes to plan       Janet x

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Praying for a complete and speedy recovery for you, Lainy. 

Love and hugs,

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Sending love & best wishes, Lainy.

Julia xx

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Wishing you all the best for your surgery, hope all goes well,


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Good luck, hope it all goes well and you make a speedy recovery.

Best wishes


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Hope everything goes well.  We will miss you too and will be watching and waiting for your return and good news.


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I think you need to also have a firm talk with your cancer. NO MORE TUMORS! We need you well so be firm with it. smile

Hope everything goes well and let Teddy pamper, pamper, pamper you.

Best wishes for a speedy and painfree recovery.


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Best wishes Lainy for a speedy recovery!!     Mary

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We will see you soon!! All the best


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