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Hi everyone, my father (age 76) had a successful Whipple operation in November.  It was quite extensive, and he had about 1/2 of his pancreas removed.  His CT scans since then have showed no recurrence of cancer, and he is not taking chemo. 

However, he has abdominal pain, no appetite at all, and is losing weight.  He gets a stomach ache every time he eats, and can't eat at all in the evenings.  He also runs fever periodically for apparently no reason.  He is very weak and is just generally declining - quickly.

The doctors say his stomach seems to be retaining too much fluid, but that's about the extent of their explanation and they are offering little help in the way of medication and/or diet.  We are not satisfied with this, and we are willing to go anywhere in the USA to find a doctor or a clinic that can help him.

Can anyone recommend a doctor or clinic with experience in this disease that will  review his case?  Does anyone have any recommendations regarding diet, etc?  Any information or advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


Ann Marie

Re: Post-Whipple Problems - Please Advise


I had a whipple at the University of Wisconsin Hospital by a Dr. David Mahvi and I had know after effects. Type in and it should bring it up.

Although I am currently having a reoccurance it is not in any organ and they are treating it with 5-FU and radiation. I won't know the outcome for sometime.

Re: Post-Whipple Problems - Please Advise

Hello Ann Marie, here are a couple of suggestions that may be of help to you. Since the Whipple procedure is most often performed for Pancreatic Cancer patients, I will refer you to the Johns Hopkins Pancreatic discussion board. There are many past and present discussions about post Whipple issues

Re: Post-Whipple Problems - Please Advise

Thanks so much for your replies.  The link to the Johns Hopkins Pancreatic Cancer site has a wealth of information for post-Whipple patients.  Thanks again, and God bless. 


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Hello everyone, this is just to update my previous post.  My father has now been diagnosed with a recurrence in the liver.  It appears that this was at the root of his post-whipple troubles discussed in my earlier post.  We are going to M.D. Anderson in Houston within the next couple of weeks, but the doctors here are painting a very grim picture.  I'm so glad that I found this message board, and may God bless each familiy represented here.