Topic: Mom was diagnosed with CC

My mother was diagnosed with CC on April 3rd. The doctors are still doing test, she goes in for a PET scan tomorrow, and we find out May 8th what the path forward will be. I will keep you informed of her progress.

This seems to be a wonderful site. To know we are not alone in our fight is a true blessing. Any help on what treatments are available, what types other people have tried with success would be much appreciated.

You all are in my prayers.

Re: Mom was diagnosed with CC

Hello marc,

As others have said in the past, it is forum none of us wanted to join. Many thanks go to Rick and Stacie for the time and talent they have put into this web site. The site remains a living tribute to their brother Mark who lost his battle with CC last January. It is the best place on the web for sharing information about this rare and terrible disease.  Once you have all the details of your mother