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We went to the Urologist yesterday and he said T is fine as far as the ureter stent. The discomfort he is having in his back is not from the stent or he would have it all the time and he is going to try to wait until January to do an exchange. This stent is made of titanium and will only need an exchange like once a year. He said T has too much on his plate right now for extra stuff to be done.
Then he asked me about my surgery and he knew all about what it was. He gave me some encouragement should the Oncologist want me to do an oral chemo. I tell you we have the very best in doctors!!! He even said to me you have the best doctors, how did you do that? I said gut feelings!
We feel mentally better since we heard Cyber knife from the radiologist.
Also got in together for the Oncologist next Friday, the 6th. T is dying to ask him if he does a 2 for 1.
I continue to feel better, just can't stand getting so tired all the time but that too will pass.
And this is how a couple does the cancer dance!

Love Me & T


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Keep going with those gut feelings.


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Love to you both.  Jxx

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Hi Lainy,

Glad to hear that you are both feeling mentally better. It does seem that you both have great doctors working with you and that your gut instinct is working a treat! Long may that continue!

Best wishes to you both, and to your gut!


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Re: Cancer Couple Update


Sending my support and thoughts to both Teddy and yourself,