Topic: GEMZAR Side Effects, fever???

My dad today had his new regimen of chemo using single agent Gemzar.  Infusion through port-a-cathe for about an hour and then IV flush before / after for about one hour.  After leaving hospital four hours later, experienced chills and then ran a fever of 39.1 degrees.  I phone his oncologist and he says that it a side effect for some people.  After taking some SCANOL, his fever reduced and today he is feeling a little fatigue, but seems to have returned to normal.

Anyone on GEMZAR experience fevers and is there anything that can be done to reduce this side effect?

Thanks to all for your advice.

Re: GEMZAR Side Effects, fever???

my husband runs fevers sometimes too with Gemzar...we lick it with Tylenol -no more than 10000 mg per day