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I am new to the group. My mom was dx with CC 18months ago. She was fortunate to have had a skilled hepatic surgeon who removed 2/3rds of her liver and felt she had a surgical cure. She recovered remarkably well. Every three months she had follow ups which included MRI's, no recurrence of the CC. She was doing so well that after her check up in 9/06, they moved her follow ups to every 6months. 2months ago her MRI did not reveal any CC in the liver but they saw spots in her lungs. SHe underwent a lung biopsy to reveal the cancer had metastasized despite the fact that the primary tumor did not recur. The oncologist told us that there is no curative options, but perhaps chemotherapy may give her a year or two.
If anyone has any advice, treatment options-traditional or alternative my family and I would be most aprreciative.

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Radio-frequency ablation is used for lung tumors. I watched Living with Cancer the other night and thay talked about that. It worked for the man on the show. Radiation is also used with some success. I wouldn't just see one DR. I would get a second opinion.  Good luck, I'm sorry your Mom is having to deal with this. It just seems like this cancer is relentless!  Best Wishes.  Mary

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emr14,  I had same situation 8 years and 2 months ago.  Half of my liver and galbaladder removed.  Approximately 18 months later mets to both lungs were found and was told the same thing.  I took the less ageressive approach and just went on with life and monitored with CT Scans until it mets back to my liver as well.  When I decided to get actively researching different options, I was then told tumors were to big in the liver and to many in the lungs.  I wish this web site had been around way back, I would have been doing things differently.  Now I have to really manipulate my options as to much of anything could cause as negative outcome in my opinion.  I agree with Mary about radio-frequency ablation and some types of radiation. I would be headed in that direction first if it was myself.  One thing that my first Oncoligist told me; grant you that was years ago, was if chemo is going to work ,it will work later,  as well as now, but right now (then) there had been no signs of cures and My decision on quality vs longevity was the choice at hand.  He was the only Oncologist who told me that there was no way of telling how long I would have, maybe 1, 3, 7, who knows maybe 10 years.  Not like 3 other oncologist who were writing me off at 6 months to a year , one said maybe 2 years.  Please do advocate and get more opinions before deciding on what your Mom wants to do.  I do want to ask you did they remove your Mom's gallbladder at the time of resection?  If not you might want to consider laprascopic surgery and have that little sac that holds bile and hides cancer very well removed.  You don't need it and it is a little trouble maker, as a very well known surgeon said to me .  Please take time to look at this sites nutritional section as diet plays a vital role in long term survival.  Please keep in touch with this site and ask what ever you may, as there are many members on this site who will be more than willing to share thier opinions and first hand experiences.  Yes this is a relentless and non-bias disease!  Well, I'll be getting the nickname rambler if I don't stop going on.  One last thing is exercise and positive atttitude is a biggy! Irregardless of what you may here come out of some mouths as well as those few that look at you as a statistic instead of a loving and caring human being. I wish your Mom the best and a very positive future. As it can be!
Jeff G.

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