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Hi all,

Well I'm back from my trip to America, to see my Mum for the first time since we left her in August just 5 weeks after my Dad died.

Yes, it was incredibly difficult as I expected. All the way over on the 9 hr flight I was reminiscing that my last trip over my Dad had come to collect me from the airport. Ok, he wasn't driving but he was there.....

This time my hubby and I picked up a car and drove the 40+ miles to Mum's. When I went in I began to cry and cry, the tears flowed, he wasn't there to meet me and I think then was a turning point.
In the nearly 5 months since he had gone I coul kid myself that it wasn't real, tangible, that he was going to be there when I went back to their house. BUT HE WASN'T and never will be again. so strangely I think it was another step on my journey to accepting what I had been trying to deny by keeping myself busy, busy busy since we left.....

We shared memories and could smile about my Dad, alongside tears. My Mum has come a long ways since we came back to England.

Then 3 days later my hubby and I took our cruise that we had cancelled in July and I totally relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. Even the 62 mph winds and rain that were the edge of hurricane Ida!!! None all seson then we take our cruise and along she comes!!

So it's back to work tomorrow, piles of washing, tidying up after 2 teenagers who had been 'home alone' and living my life, as my Dad would have expected.

Nice to be back, need to catch up on all the newcomers,

Love to all  Katie smile

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Ahhh yes Katie,

Good for you, for facing your denial. It is so difficult. I lost my dad in August and I have not yet been back to where he lived. I will go back at Christmas and I am sure it will be very difficult. I am sure your mom was so pleased to have you visit. It is so important, your Dad appreciates that you are caring for your mom also.

It's wonderful that you were able to enjoy every minute of that cruise! You have to. It is those times of relaxation, happiness that remind us that we are alive and we have every opportunity to enjoy this life even without our loved ones eh?

You take care now,


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Dear Katie,

I am glad you were able to make the trip & face the reality of everything and share memories with your Mum.  I am sure she appreciated and enjoyed the time spent with both of you.  Also am happy you were able to relax and enjoy the cruise despite the threat of Ida!  I'm sure your Dad would be very proud of you. Take care & keep in touch.

Love & Hugs,

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Hi Katie, I am so glad you made his trip and I just knew the cruise would be  great. Its wonderful to go away but better to come home. You got to have a little closure, to see your mom doing well and to go on the cruise your dad has been pushing for. Sounds like a successful adventure to me. Then you get to come home where nothing has changed because 2 teenagers live there! Life is good indeed.


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It sounds like you had a wonderful, if bitter sweet trip. I think adding the cruise after visiting your mother is just what you needed. We are glad you are back and heading on the recovery road. I am sure your dad would be happy and proud.


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Welcome home, Katie.  It must have been such a difficult trip for you, yet it sounds to have been a good one, too.

I'm so glad the cruise turned out well.


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