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Hi everyone,

I have been reading a lot, but not doing my posting... here is why..... Max Fredrick arrived on Thursday, the 12th.  Labor and delivery was wonderful, and of course he is an absolute delight!!!!  Maddy, who is 5, loves him so much.  The other day I said, "I sure wish that Grandma was here to see Max."  Maddy's response, "She is here."

I sure do miss Mom, now more than ever.

I will start posting more soon.  Just wanted to update you on my good news.

I will be praying for everyone,

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Congratulations to you Amy and the whole family!!!!  And Happy "Birth" Day to Max Fredrick!  Maddy is right, Grandma is here with all of you, now & forever.  Glad everything went smoothly.  Good news like this is always welcome here.  Can't wait to hear more about Max.

Love & Hugs,

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You are so blessed. I know you miss your mom and she would have been delighted to see little Max, but  your daughter is right, she is here,


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Congratulations, Amy, and a week before Thanksgiving. I love the name Max Fredrick, so very strong. I  believe Grandma was right there with one big smile because she sent him special delivery right to his Mommy. Well done!


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Wonderful news!! I love the name Max - I'm sure he is a cutie!

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That is one smart 5-year-old and I am betting Max is cute as a button! Thanks for sharing such good news!


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Congratulations,Amy                    from Janet

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Cogratulations on your new blessing!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy your family, and rest up!


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Amy, sending you congratulations on the birth of Max. Love to your family. Enjoy this precious time together,


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Congratulations on the birth of Max.

Best wishes to you and your family


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Thank you for all of your kind words!!

Love to you all,

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Wow!!  Congratulations to you, indeed!!  & please send Maddy my particular congratulations on the arrival of her little brother.

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