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Hello all, I was referred here by someone from the CancerCompass website.

My mother-in-law was just recently diagnosed as having Stage 4 gallbladder cancer. It's come as a huge shock to everyone, as a month ago she was zipping around stores and within the last 3.5 weeks has deteriorated so rapidly.

Both the emergency room doctor and oncologist have said that treatment is out. No surgery, chemo, radiation or drugs. At the moment she's been in hospital for around 2.5 weeks battling the pain and infected blood clots in her legs. She is 65 and before this, was in quite excellent health.

It's very scary for all of us, and frustrating when it feels like treatment could at least extend her lifespan and quality of life for however long, instead of just medicating her until she passes like they're planning on doing.

Thank you very much and many many many prayers to everyone who is affected by these diseases. You all have so much of my respect and heart.

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Hello Everyone,
I have just been told a have either chelangiocarcinoma or metastitic adenocarcinoma,  they say the can not rule either out as of yet.  I have not seen the ongologist.   I am scared of course but  I dont feel it is time for me to go now. I have my first appointment on March 6th with the oncologist.  I dont know what else to say now execpt...  I have Jesus in my heart and I have hope and a desire to live.  I am glad I have you all and this website for support.  Thank you and God bless you.

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Welcome to the boards, whirlgigs and Sanilee.  I am glad you found us. 

My heart goes out to you both.  There's a lot of useful information on here, and so many helpful people.

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Dear Wirlgigs,

I too am new to this site.  My father in law was diagnosed with cholangio(mets to the abd) in late 2005.  I will further introduce myself and share my family's story shortly.  I read your post and the first thing that came to mind was get a second, third, fourth opinion.  I cannot tell you how many times we were told there was no hope, only to hear from another doctor that there were other options.  YOU need to be proactive in this fight.  Question EVERYTHING that is told to you, read up on the disease and become knowledgable so that you can 'talk the talk' with the doctors.


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Thank you for the kindly replies everyone.

I just returned from hospice. It's only a matter of hours now until she passes. We're all hoping it doesn't linger so that she will be out of pain.

My many many prayers and so much heart to everyone else who is still going through this, and will go through this.

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Hya Whirlgigs so sorry about your mother-in-law.
Hope you and your family will find some peace.
My heart goes out to you all.

I think on this site, it so very much proves that this awful cancer
does not go in the same way for everyone.
We here some fantastic stories.
On the other hand some of our beloveds go so quckly we do not
have time to realise what is happening.
love and light Teresa


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Whirlgigs - I'mso sorry to hear that your mother-in-law has gone downhill so fast.  My heart goes out to you and your family.


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Sanilee wrote:

Hello Everyone,
I have just been told a have either chelangiocarcinoma or metastitic adenocarcinoma,  they say the can not rule either out as of yet.  .

Welcome Sanilee, My husband was in the same situation almost a year ago.  He was pronounced stage IV but diagnosed "cancer of unknown primary."  The tumor was in his liver, but the drs said it didn't originate there.  Subsequent consultations strongly pointed to origin in bile duct area.  Please do get several opinions and pay attention to how they agree and disagree.  My husband was told by two oncologists that the tumor was inoperable, then a third said he could remove it.  Now we don't know that my husband was cured...the pathology reports found traces in lymph nodes.  But his situation turned out very different from what he originally thought.  Be very proactive, and find out what medical centers specialize in your type of cancer.  Have a "plan B" and even "C."  What these help with is that whatever the dr. currently says, no matter how accurate, it won't feel like the last word.  My husband is actually feeling much better than he did before the holidays.  The surgery was horribly painful but once his incision was on the mend, he has way less abdominal pressure and nausea and reflux.  He's got his appetite back and is trying to build up his strength again, and his need for morphine is way down; he takes a lot less.  All that made the surgery worthwhile.  So you never know what might be available.  If we had stopped at the first dr's opinion or even the second, he would be in his last days by now, IMHO.   Best wishes to you.

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Today Sandi had her 1st dose of 5FU. Tomorrow she goes in for them to redo her drainage tube. It's not been draining to the inside for almost 2 weeks now. Last night it even stopped draining to the bag. Her bilirubin has went from 4-6 since last check and her liver enzymes where also high today. White cells were ok.  They also changed her chemo cycle she had 5FU today next week it's Oxaliplatin then 5FU again different each week till 6-14 then she has a scan. She was scheduled for a scan 5-31 but they changed it due to her missing the last two weeks of chemo.We are all praying tomorrow brings a better day.

Jeff the OMEPRAZOLE seemed to help. Thanks!