Topic: PET Scan Delay...Thank you Medicare

We found out today that Medicare has denied Teddy's PET Scan for this month as CC is not on their list  of Cancers! He has already had 3 this year so not sure what changed or why....The Radman is submitting a letter tomorrow and we can only hope he gets the denial reversed. Looks like the Scan could be January now. Its getting to be wonderful to grow old in our country.


Re: PET Scan Delay...Thank you Medicare

Morning Lainy,

I'm sorry to hear that the insurance company are being a pain again. But at least you have the Radman to get on their case and sort them out for you! I can't believe they are still coming out with all this nonsense about CC not being on their list. I hope the Radman will be bringing you both some good news soon and gets the scan sorted for Teddy.

My best wishes to you both.


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Re: PET Scan Delay...Thank you Medicare

That is so strange! There are many people here on medicare and I dont remember anyone else with a similar problem....could it be the person who looked at it the first time wasnt the brightest bunny in the forrest? CC not on the list...PLEASE. I know we are very exclusive, but its not like we are a secret society.

Sorry for the bump in the road. Delays are so frustrating for everyone involved.


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Re: PET Scan Delay...Thank you Medicare


was it medicare that paid for the previous pet scans or was it your other insurance? 

you can appeal to the az state board.  i appealed to the ca board when i was fighting with blue cross and was able to get help for approving avastin. 

also, there was that article in the aarp nov/dec issue that lists "ways" to "make insurers pay."

medicare's help line   800-medicare;
patient advocate foundation   800-532-5274

good luck lainy,
barb h

Re: PET Scan Delay...Thank you Medicare

My insurance never did pay for mine. Dr. wanted me to go for another,this month.  I had to decline.

Re: PET Scan Delay...Thank you Medicare

Thanks to you all. We had this problem the first time about 1 1/2 years ago when the first of the CC returned. The Radman got it through so I am hoping we hear Monday if he worked his charm again. Teddy had 3 this year the last one in September with no problem. I am not going to stir anything up until I hear back. I do believe this was the fault solely of the girl in the office as she said, 2 weeks ago, that the Radman got it approved!!!!!!!!!!  It was not! She didn't sound right to me and again I went with my gut (which I received a degree in ) and waala I was right! In case you didn't read my post on Mayo yesterday, I heard that they are giving scans (of any kind) to people who are turned down by Insurance. I didn't check it out yet, but that would be too good to be true. Also heard about Medical Thermal Imaging although not sure yet its as good as a PET>