Topic: holistic tx plus chemo?

I am not that familiar w  holistic medicine but has anyone had any success with this as a supplement to traditional tx?
Yoga? Meditation? Oils?
I want so much to be able to help.

Re: holistic tx plus chemo? are already helping.  Knowledge is power and knowledge you can gain easily gain by using the search function and by entering key words.  Everything pertaining to this disease (and more) has been discussed on this board and we try to stay updated with all new developments.  Use the links available too.  One person coming to mind regarding nutritional supplements is Marylloyd as she has posted recently regarding some of the products she has been using but, there also many other members who have shared with us.  And, keep putting out the questions as you have been doing.  Please, keep in mind though that the board becomes less active during this time of year so please, don't be discouraged if the answers come in slowly. 
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Re: holistic tx plus chemo?

The yoga and meditation is good for your brother and for you too.It can relieve stress and that helps feelings of wellbeing and strengthens the immune system.                                    Janet

Re: holistic tx plus chemo?

Hi Bean. My daughter's boyfriend was DX 3 years ago with Lymphoma (he is 48). Beside the chemo treatment he went naturalpathic. He goes to a doctor here in Phoenix for Vitamin C intravenously and he swears by it. He has met people with all kinds of cancer who have had years of being cancer free. Now that is not to say it is for everyone but doctors are beginning to think more about it as a side treatment. Most insurance companies will not pay. He has never feel better in his life. Along with the treatments he has gone Organic with food and products, the best he can. He builds pools and has not missed a day of work since this started. There is a clinic that was started here by an Oncologist (I will have to see if I can find the name) and although it is very pricey there you can read about it then find another natur. doc to do the deed. I will see if I can find it for you.

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Re: holistic tx plus chemo?

Hi Bean,

My dad used to get reiki massages. This was something that he would never have thought of trying but it was recommended to him by his Macmillan nurse as he was having real problems sleeping and they thought it might help him.

Anyway, the first time they tried it on dad, he was asleep and snoring his head off after about 10 minutes. Then when he started going to day care, he would get a reiki massage every time and he said it was great for helping him relax and chill out a bit. He would also get feet massage at day care and he said that was great as well.

He also tried Lavender oil, a few drops of it on his pillow at night and relaxation CD's, again to help him relax a bit. I remember one time going round to see him and he was lying on the floor sleeping with one of the relaxation CD's playing, so I guess that helped him a bit!

Best wishes to you and your brother.


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Re: holistic tx plus chemo?

I have written a few times on this board asking about Haelan.. it's a fermented soy and whether it is true or not there was a texan man name Sherman Sanders who claimed this cured him of CC> If you search under haelen all the info should come up. I do know that I read that SOY ESSENCE is very similar and very inexpensive compared to Haelan.

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Re: holistic tx plus chemo?

If it sounds too good to be true....