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I managed pretty well during the run up  to xmas and xmas eve,xmas day-fine.Then I seemed to have a big meltdown and cried on and off for 2 days and this is so hard for me because I worry about my sons so much,they are so fragile.Anyhow I am a little better today.
This time of year!!It would be hard anyhow but these weeks were a very rapid deterioration for my husband Joel and I feel I cant escape it or prevent the feelings of last year returning to me and they were so horrific-the xmas,new year,the heat,the noise of parties going on all around.
Actually this year it has been raining which helps as it keeps people inside and quieter                                                Janet

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I know, Janet - it must have been so hard for you. I slid backwards a bit myself this last couple of weeks, but for you - awful memories. You are such a strong woman, though, and you and the boys will muddle through. You just make sure they know how much you love them - and I am sure that you do - and be a comfort to each other.

Love - Joyce

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Dear Janet,

I too can clearly relate to what you are feeling.   I don't think there is any way to prevent or escape all of these feelings. I guess it is just part of the grieving process that we are forced to endure.   Just know that we all understand  and are here to give each other support and strength as we try to deal with all of the ups & downs of this sad, lonely journey we are traveling.

Know that I am thinking of you and the boys and I hope that today will be a better day for all of you.

Love & Hugs,

"One Day At A Time"

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Dearest Janet, tears are not always bad tears. Its a way of letting feelings out with a much better result than holding them in.  I went to Mass with Teddy and I found myself tearing not because he is gone but of all he has gone through and knowing what lies ahead one day but yet he was sitting next to me. Then I woke up the next morning with a sinking feeling of 'what would he do if something happened to me first'.  So, even though its a joyous time one cannot get through it without the past and present and future stepping in. Hopefully you can now continue in a direction that is good and right for you.
P.S. Every time you e mail me I yell out, "got another note from Australia". Take care and know there is a lot of family out here who care about you.


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Hi Janet,
            Those memories of last year must be so hard for you. Christmas is an incredibly difficult time and for you so raw this time. You have been so strong for your family but you do need to be able to give in to your emotions sometimes and just let yourself cry without worrying about anyone else. Sometimes you can feel a little better after a very sad and tearful phase. I hope this will be the case for you.
           Take care and look after yourself, Janet, as well as the family!
                          With love,