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We have a doctor involved in alternative medicine who is really pushing Joe to try Haelan.. It is a soy based product, expensive and supposedly doesn't taste very good.  Has anyone tried it and had any success?  Joe is jut finishing his second 6 weeks of Insulin Potentiation Therapy and is pretty wiped out as far as blood counts but no trouble with the chemo in the smaller doses he has received.  He has his second Pet scan on thursday so we will see what progress we have made.  Then we will go home and only have prayer and supplements and diet to fight this thing.  If any one has any experience I would be glad to hear of it.  Mary Anne

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I just searched for 'haelan' and up popped one message from 2007 with no response. I happened to be on facebook and somehow came across an article on sherman sanders from lavernia texas. supposedly his cholangio which had metasticized went into remission for 6 years and he attributes it to drinking this soy drink. Has anyone ever heard about this? The company selling the soy drink promotes the story - so that's sort of fishy.  Anyone??? Is this a fabrication? 
ashley from CT