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My mom was recently diagnosed with cc.  She asked her oncologist if it is hereditary, and the dr. said no.  Is that the general consensus?
Thank you!

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My doctor said I got the luck of the draw, that is Western countries with good water there wasnt really much other than luck, wish I would have won the lottery instead!

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Hi all,
I think the question of heredity was discussed here earlier, with no real conclusion. I have been trying to get information on high cholesterol having a part in the development of liver problems - my mother had very high GOOD cholesterol and so do I, and I've read that cholesterol may play a part in liver malfunctioning.

My sister is convinced that she and I will die any minute from some kind of cancer, as my father died a week after my mother - of a rare brain cancer.  Before that, no one really had cancer in my family. I'm not as full of doom and gloom about it, as it seems cancer can strike anyone at any time. But it does make you wonder, doesn't it? My husband's family has a bad history of breast cancer, yet the survival rate is amazing with early detection and education. Hopefully we can do the same for cc. It's a rare cancer but becoming more rare every year - the cases are increasing at an alarming rate, so hopefully someone will look into the heredity factor - and, more importantly, a cure!!! Here's hoping-
- Joyce

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Thank you both for getting back with me.

jmoneypenny: I am so sorry about both of your parents.  The fact that they died so close together has to make this even harder.  I am also sorry about the fact that your sister is so worried.  We don't have much cancer in our family.  My mom has an aunt who had colon cancer at 85 and an uncle who died of cancer many many years ago, but other than that no one.  I agree with you, it can just show up with anyone.  YOu mentioned that cc is rare, but showing up more and more, I agree.  We have never heard of this form of cancer, and after Mom was diagnosed we know 2 more people who have been diagnosed with it..... very strange.

devoncat: I wish that you would have won the lottery also!

Big hugs to both of you.


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Thank you for your kind words, Amy. It has been a horrible year for me, but it looks like your mother's prognosis is a much better one than my mother's, and I'm glad for that. I hope she continues to have great health. Having a resection is the key, and there are numerous people with uplifting stories on this site.

I realized that I wrote that cc is becoming MORE rare instead of LESS rare - but I see  you understood that that was a typo! It's amazing, how many people I'm hearing about that are newly diagnosed with cc lately.

keep us updated, lots of hugs to you too -